Using Credit Cards Postively

Never quite sure what you spend your money on? 🤔

Try putting all your spending on a good 'points' credit card that you pay off in full at the end of the month 💰💰

This has 2 benefits:
1. You can review your spending every month
2. You can earn points on normal spending items

I go one step further and download my statements into Excel, categorise each item (food, clothes, eat out), and monitor the trend. It only take 10 minutes each month and I've been doing that since 2007! 🤓

It might sound geeky but it makes my wife and I feel in control of our money. Pre-2007 it was always months of blissful blind spending followed by extremely stressful short burst of panic.

Plus the points from credit cards over the years has paid for countless hotels and flights.

How do you keep track of your spending?