Behind the scenes with Max Keeling, The Investing Coach

I was recently invited to record a podcast for the Financial Planning Training Academy. The series focusses on how to link life goals to financial planning, rather than just looking at investing, which is precisely what I focus on.

All my conversations with clients start with 'What are you working towards?' quickly followed by 'And when do you what to achieve this by?'. The answers to these questions will then drive every element of a financial plan. 

Surprisingly it's a relatively new approach to financial planning and the Financial Planning Training Academy exists to teach regulated financial planners how to incorporate this into their existing processes. I was honoured that they thought the structure behind my coaching course was worth sharing.

Even though it was recorded for financial planners I still think you will get a lot of value out of it.

I provide a completely open 'behind the scenes' perspective on how and why I created my 4-week coaching course, and the psychology behind how I get my clients to create inspiring financial plans.  These are details I've never shared anywhere else.

I suspect I might say a few things that resonate with you and spur you into finding out WHAT you are working towards and HOW to achieve it.

Click on the image below to be taken to iTunes so you can listen to the podcast. Or you can visit: