Interview with Financial Advisor, Marc Ikels

Whilst I help others improve their personal finances, I'm always looking to improve my own approach. So running 'Expat Investing Coach' is the perfect excuse for me to find and meet with the world's best financial advisors, ask them questions, learn from them and apply their techniques to how I manage my own personal finances.

One such advisor is Marc Ikels, who is based in Singapore.  Having previously lived in Singapore for 5 years, I still have many ties there and go back often - so on my last trip Marc allowed me to video one of our conversations.

Marc is a High Net Worth (HNW) advisor and his clients typically have USD1m-USD7m to invest.  He doesn't advertise, he is not a salesman and he is very selective about who he takes on as a client.  His approach is firmly grounded in 'evidence based investing' and he is an expert in his field. I always learn a great deal when I meet up with him.

Marc is also referenced by Andrew Hallam, author of 'The Global Expatriates Guide to Investing' as one of the good finance guys in Asia.

This interview is packed with gems and he shares advice for both beginner and advanced investors. 

Some topics we cover:

  • What makes his approach different to most Asia-based financial advisors
  • Introduction to factor investing and using academic research
  • Overview of 'Dimensional Fund Advisors' and how he has Nobel Prize winning economists informing his asset allocation.
  • Tips for DIY investors
  • The difference between investing $100k and $3m
  • Recommended resources to improve your knowledge.

Click below to watch my video interview with Marc.