7 Days to Financial Clarity



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Over the last 4 days you have assessed the current state of your finances. If at anytime, this throws up questions then please email me at max@theinvestingcoach.com.

People often email me to clarify how a particular step would be applied to their circumstances, or they want a bit more guidance on a specific topic.  Whatever it is - please message me as I really want as many people to take action as possible.

Our next step is to use my Retirement Projector tool to work out what gap you might have between what pot of money you need to retire with, vs what you are currently on track to achieve.

Now if you’ve never calculated these numbers before then you might find the results shocking, but remember it is better to find this information out now rather than 10 years from or even one year from now. The sooner you start filling this gap, the more you have time on your side.

So keep working through the exercises and see what action you need to start taking.

Key Retirement CALCULATIONS: Excel Template

Download the template here and work through the instructions given on the first sheet of the spreadsheet.